During the product design and development , more  important and critical parameters are experienced and human resource. Defne Muhendislik with the experienced  staff about production,moulding,assembly and supported by software and equipments ,complete every project for  each customer in special working conditions in a short time with quality.

Defne muhendislik  provides measurement services  with Breuckmann, Steinbichler and other optical scanning and measurement systems based on white light principle. We can take measurements in our office or customer’s site with Breuckmann opto-TOP HE systems which we have 2 of them in our facility. Point cloud ,obtained from the 3 dimensional optical scanning contains the geometric information of the total surface form, provides transferring complex surfaces into the computer environment.  Measurements obtained from point cloud are used to generate CAD datas.  Because of it’s polygon mesh structure ,data of obtained point cloud can be delivered  in the STL format. Data of point cloud according to the customer’s  preference can be delivered as automatic surface IGES (also named fast surface) to our customers.

Designs that are made with CATIA V5, Rapidform XOR and Top Solid CAD software packages ,available within our organization, enables our customers to open the datas provided by us in any medium. Our  works related with CATIA, RapidForm and XOR softwares can be found in samples  and  articles.

Software and equipments supporting our team:

Breuckmann Optical Scanning Systems

Breuckmann Optical digitization System

Steinbichler Scanning Systems

Steinbichler Optical digitization System

Aicon Photogrametry System  

Aicon Photogrammetry Systems

Stratasys rapid prototyping systems  

Stratasys Rapid Prototyping Systems

Dassault Systems Catia V5 Cad modelling solutions  

Catia V5 Cad Modelling Software

Topsolid cad modelling solutions  

Toplsolid Cad Modelling Software

Inus Technologies Rapidform 2006 RE solutions  

Rapidform 2006 Reverse Engineering Software

Inus Technologies Rapidform XOR Redesign RE solutions  

Rapidform XOR Reverse Engineering Software


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Tel: 216 - 471 0751 / Faks: 216 - 471 0752

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