Ürün Geliştirme

Ürünlerin yenilikçi, farklı yaklaşımlar ve yaratıcı fikirler ile donatılarak yeniden tasarlanması ve süreçlerinin geliştirilerek rekabetçi, kaliteli sürdürülebilir sonuçlar elde edilmektedir.

Ürün Tasarımı

Fikir aşamasından seri üretime kadar yenilikçi yaratıcı yaklaşımlar ile tecrübe ve mühendisliğin desteklediği ürün tasarım ve geliştirme projelerini mükemmellik merkezi anlayışı ile gerçekleştirilmektedir.

Değer Mühendisliği

Konsept ve geliştirme projelerimizin vazgeçilmez stratejimiz : Mühendisliğin farklı model yaklaşımları ile ürünün fonksiyon/maliyet değerinin yükseltilmesidir.

Product Design

Defne Engineering provides Industrial design service from concept to mass production. Our engineering approach to the Product Design & Development projects is based on the Value Engineering, Benchmarking, Innovation Tools, Lean philosophy. Life-cycle of new or existing products of the suppliers is much shorter than previous years. Competing at global market requires placement of new and creative products on the market, faster and with high quality. New products have

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Product Development

Current products have the risks about decreasing of the market shares due to the high production and material costs which are not suitable for the needs of the clients and they cannot be refreshed because of the competitive pressure of the global market. Projects are developed in order to have advanced products by adding new concepts and creative ideas to remaining ones. In order to do a renewal of its mechanical infrastructure, and to enable it to be produced with a lower

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Value Engineering

Value Engineering As Defne Engineering our Value Engineering approach is to uphold the following indispensable values in our projects in the areas of Product Design, Product Development, Reverse Engineering, Benchmarking; Accuracy Innovation methods and the adaptation of the innovations Increment of the differentiation Assembly and disassembly control Ease of Maintenance Design for Production Cost

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We are adding values to our customers by using Lean approach with Excellence Center philosophy.

 Benchmarking – Value Engineering – Lean process are used 
Research and Development of Product Design and Manufacturing
Continuous improvement, innovation inspiration philosophy were applied with our engineering experience to our service.

Product Design

We are providing product excellence service from concept to manufacturing with innovation and creative engineering approach.

Product Development

We are providing product development and re-design service with creative engineering approach.

Value Engineering

We are eliminating problems form design to manufacturing by usign value engineering approach.

3D Measuring

In our company, measurement of small parts with fine details and the details of all major components are realized with 3 optical scan systems which have 9 different fields of views and 1.4 MP to 4 MP camera resolution. 3-dimensional optical scanning of the parts with dimensions 2 mm up to 20 m, can be performed without material discrimination. The application areas of 3d measurement systems are given below: If manufacturer does not produce a product for a long time and he

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Measuring Quality Control

Quality Control Comparison of point cloud and / or STL data obtained from three-dimensional measurement (optical scan) or any measuring device with the CAD model, quality control services are provided by reporting the differences. Many different methods are used to carry out the scan data and CAD model to the same reference. The most widely used methods are: Reference fitting: Two data are superposed with the help of plane, vector and point which is a reference t

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Test & Validation

Test Production and Validation of the projects developed by us and with our clients is carried out. Primary step is rapid prototype production. Test Productions of a single component of a specific product or the entirety of the said product is carried out via the; Rapid Prototype Silicon Casting Quick molding Machining or non-machining production methods. The p

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  • +90 - Continuous Development Engineering
  • Alba Group - Product Development
  • Alkor - Product Design
  • Altinay - Reverse Engineering
  • Arcelik - Product Design
  • Armsan - Product Design, Reverse Engineering
  • Art - Optical scanning
  • Assan Hanil - Optical Scanning, Prototype, Comparison
  • Ata - Value Engineering
  • Aymed - Product Design, Prototype
  • Banat - Product Development, Prototype
  • Bayrak Ambalaj - Quality Control, Reverse Engineering
  • Beycelik Gestamp - Optical Scanning, Quality Control, Reverse Engineering
  • Componenta - Product Development, Optical Scanning, Reverse Engineering
  • Eczacibasi - Product Design, Product Development, Value Engineering
  • Ersan Kaucuk - Prototype, Mold, Producing, Engineering
  • Europlast - Product Design, Value Engineering
  • Evyap - Quality Control, Optical Scanning
  • Farplast - Reverse Engineering, Optical Scanning, Value Engineering
  • Ford - Ergonomics, Benchmarking, R&D
  • Form Model - Reverse Engineering, Producing
  • Hema Endüstri - Quality Control, Product Development, 3D Measuring
  • Hema Otomotiv - Quality Control, Product Development, 3D Measuring
  • Impo - Quality Control, Prototyping, Product Development
  • Inci Dugme - Product Development, Product Design
  • Infotron - Reverse Engineering, Lean, Polygon Design
  • Istanbul Arkeoloji Muzeleri - Arge, Innovation, Production, Prototype, Lean
  • Isuzu - Product Development, Product Design, Problem Solving,
  • Kale Kalıp - Product Development, Engineering, Optical Scanning, Producing
  • Kormetal - Optical Scanning, Reverse Engineering, Value Engineering
  • Kronik Elektronik - Innovation, Quality Control, Prototyping
  • Magna - Quality Control, Optical Scanning, Reverse Engineering, Prototype
  • MES - Product Design, Value Engineering,  Comparison
  • Olimpia - Quality Control, Product Development, Value Engineering
  • Pasahance - Prototype, Product Development, Comparison
  • Pilsan - Product Design, Value Engineering
  • Pimsa - Quality Control, Value Engineering, 3D Optical Scanning
  • Polyrit - Product Design, Quality Control, Reverse Engineering
  • Purplast - Reverse Engineering, Production, Quality Control, Prototype
  • Ramzey - Product Development, Value Engineering, Industrial Product Design
  • Reha Ortopedi - Innovation, Creativity, Sensitivity, Quick Mold, Silicone Mold
  • Sarsılmaz - Engineering, Design, Polygon
  • Senur Plastik - Benchmarking, Engineering, Design, Development, Lean
  • Serpa - Quality Control, Testing and Validation, Innovation
  • Stoeger - Product Development, 3D Measurement, Quality Control, Optical Scanning
  • Şirvanlı - Reverse Engineering, Quality Control,  3D Optic Sacanning
  • Teknorot - Product Development, Prototype, Lean, Value Engineering
  • THY Turkish Technic - Product Design, Value Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Quality Control
  • TMC - Innovation, Value Engineering, Benchmarking
  • Toyota Boshoku - Retrospective Engineering, Quality Control, Accuracy
  • Toyotetsu -
  • TSI Aviation Seats - Benchmarking, Reverse Engineering, Product Development
  • Tübitak MAM - Reverse Engineering, Optical Scanning, Laser Scanning
  • TEI Tüsaş Motor - Reverse Engineering
  • Ünimetal - Quality Control, Reverse Engineering
  • Utc Aerospace Systems -
  • Yildiz Pul - Optical Scanning, Product Development
  • ZF -

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Defne Mühendislik Tasarım, Ürün Geliştirme ve İmalat San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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